Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gossip Shmossip

My blog is back from the dead. No, I wasn't writing mean things about you. I denied access across the board because I needed to temporarily "hide" my blog from [this section deleted-- makes you really curious, doesn't it?]

In my absense, here is the abridged version of what happened:

1. JD emailed me a few days after my last entry. I was tempted to immediately post an entry entitled, "Recent lottery winners, please google yourselves!" in the hopes that they too would instantly appear in my life. Imagine a blog that had magical powers, and whatever you wrote about actually came true? That would make a really good Disney Channel movie. Wait a minute, this isn't the abridged version, this is the shut-the-hell-up-and-get-on-with-it version. Ahem, so anyway, Jaime and I emailed a ton, hung out once, and I hope to hang out more in the future. In case you are wondering, she's got an adorable baby that I've only seen pictures of, I hot husband who I met in person, and she's still cool as shit. And despite that fact that she smokes pot and I don't, she's definitely got the better memory.

2. I went to New York with Emily, Jane, Michelle, and my Aunt Martha. It was cold. I got the deep fat itch. The deep fat itch is when your fat literally freezes and all you want to do is dig your nails under your skin and scratch it. We also saw "Wicked" the musical, which I loved. I also ate 2 reubens, pizza, and some cheesecake, which I also loved.

3. Craig and I went to Las Vegas for 4 days with his father, his father's girlfriend, his brother, and his brother's girlfriend. We had a blast. I gambled a lot. I mostly lost money. That pretty much sums up 99% of every tourists' trip.

4. I joined and quit Jenny Craig. I keep gaining a lot of weight, but at least I'm learning new things. I learned that I don't want to eat 3 meals a day out of a box. I also learned that you should never trust anyone who gets paid commission.

5. I've completely ditched all the good intentions I had last year. I didn't make any resolutions, and I'm whole-heartedly breaking the ones I made for 2006 (shut up, it's 2007, I can do whatever the hell I want!) I'm addicted to American Idol, I'm watching 25-30 hours of TV per week, and I decided I'm not even going to pick up a book because I know I won't finish it anyway. I do have one goal, and that is to be credit card debt free by my 30th birthday. If it weren't for these $300 heating bills, I could probably do it.

Shit, is that it?