Saturday, March 31, 2007

Waking Up White Trash

It's official. I am total white trash. The hints have been here all along, but I never put the pieces together until this happened last week in the grocery store:

Me: You're buying bologna?!
Hup: So, you're buying Fluff.
Me: Ok, we're even.

So then I thought back to other episodes that have been playing out for months, but they were all just funny snipits at the time. None of them slapped me in the face as hard as the bologna/fluff bit.

Episode #1. Setting: Walking into Kohl's
Me: What are you planning to buy?
Hup: I need pants that I can wear in public.

Episode #2. Setting: Car dealership
Sales guy, reading my t-shirt: Hey, cool! Claddagh Pub! Do you go there?
Me, reading my own t-shirt: Hrmm, no. This is from a race in 2002. I guess I need some newer clothes.

Episode #3. Setting: Writing this blog entry
Me: I need some examples of how we're trashy!
Hup: You burp and fart a lot.
Me: No, I need a specific example.
Hup: We went to Hooters for lunch today.
Me: Hrmm, no. Not funny.
Hup: Bologna's good! I don't think women understand bologna.


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